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ISBN: 9780132932097
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The Secrets of Economic Indicators (e-Book VS 12m)

By Bernard Baumohl

Descripción: For years, investors, business strategists, and policymakers worldwide have turned to one book to help them translate the massive flow of economic data into knowledge for intelligent decision-making. The Wall Street Journal called this book "…the real deal," saying it "miraculously breathes life into economic indicators and statistics." That book is Bernie Baumohl’s classic best-seller The Secrets of Economic Indicators. Now, in a brand-new Third Edition, Baumohl has thoroughly updated his classic to reflect the latest US and foreign economic indicators, and brand-new insights into what all of today’s leading indicators mean. Baumohl introduces dozens of new, forward-looking economic markers, including those that monitor small business plans, freight traffic shifts, web searches, and even gambling. He also presents several real-time foreign indicators for anticipating swings in European and Asian economies. He explains what’s happened to the global and domestic U.S. economy in recent years, showing how financial crises impact investments, strategy, and economic indicators. New graphics more clearly illuminate how key indicators impact interest rates, bond and stock prices, and currency values; and hundreds of websites containing US and global economic indicators have been updated. This classic book has long been considered an invaluable resource by professionals who need to understand the true meaning of the latest economic trends. With this new edition, Bernie Baumohl has made it even more useful.

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What’s New in the Third Edition?
Chapter 1. The Lock-Up
Chapter 2. A Beginner’s Guide: Understanding the Lingo
Chapter 3. The Most Influential U.S. Economic Indicators
Chapter 4. International Economic Indicators: Why Are They So Important?
Chapter 5. Best Web Sites for U.S. Economic Indicators
Chapter 6. Best Web Sites for International Economic Indicators
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