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ISBN: 9780273767084
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Statistics for Business and Economics, 8e (e-Book VS 12m)

By William Carlson, Paul Newbold, Betty Thorne


For courses in Business Statistics.

A classic text for accuracy and statistical precision.

Statistics for Business and Economics enables students to conduct serious analysis of applied problems rather than running simple “canned” applications. This text is also at a mathematically higher level than most business statistics texts and provides students with the knowledge they need to become stronger analysts for future managerial positions.

The eighth edition of this book has been revised and updated to provide students with improved problem contexts for learning how statistical methods can improve their analysis and understanding of business and economics.


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Chapter 1: Describing Data: Graphical 
Chapter 2: Describing Data: Numerical 
Chapter 3: Probability 
Chapter 4: Discrete Random Variables and Probability Distributions 
Chapter 5: Continuous Random Variables and Probability Distributions 
Chapter 6: Sampling and Sampling Distributions 
Chapter 7: Estimation: Single Population 
Chapter 8: Estimation: Additional Topics 
Chapter 9: Hypothesis Testing: Single Population 
Chapter 10: Hypothesis Testing: Additional Topics 
Chapter 11: Simple Regression 
Chapter 12: Multiple Regression 
Chapter 13: Additional Topics in Regression Analysis 
Chapter 14: Analysis of Categorical Data 
Chapter 15: Analysis of Variance 
Chapter 16: Time-Series Analysis and Forecasting 
Chapter 17: Additional Topics in Sampling