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Physical Chemistry: Thermodynamics Statistical Thermodynamics and Kinetics Global Edition eBook VS-12 months

By Thomas Engel, Philip Reid

Descripción: For courses in Thermodynamics. Engel and Reid’s Thermodynamics Statistical Thermodynamics and Kinetics provides a contemporary conceptual and visual introduction to physical chemistry. The authors emphasize the vibrancy of physical chemistry today and illustrate its relevance to the world around us using modern applications drawn from biology environmental science and material science. The 4th Edition provides visual summaries of important concepts and connections in each chapter offers students “just in time” math help and expands content to cover science relevant to physical chemistry.

Math Essential 1: Units Significant Figures and Solving End of Chapter Problems 1 Fundamental Concepts of Thermodynamics Math Essential 2: Differentiation and Integration 2 Heat Work Internal Energy Enthalpy and the First Law of Math Essential 3: Partial Derivatives 3 The Importance of State Functions: Internal Energy and 4 Thermochemistry 5 Entropy and the Second and Third Laws of Thermodynamics 6 Chemical Equilibrium 7 The Properties of Real Gases 8 Phase Diagrams and the Relative Stability of Solids Liquids and Gases 9 Ideal and Real Solutions 10 Electrolyte Solutions 11 Electrochemical Cells Batteries and Fuel Cells 12 Probability Math Essential 4: Lagrange Multipliers 13 The Boltzmann Distribution 14 Ensemble and Molecular Partition Functions 15 Statistical Thermodynamics 16 Kinetic Theory of Gases 17 Transport Phenomena 18 Elementary Chemical Kinetics 19 Complex Reaction Mechanisms 20 Macromolecules Appendix A Data Tables

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