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ISBN: 9789620054112
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Longman Young Children´Picture Dictionary Activity Resource Book


Descripción: The perfect start for young learners
Children and parents love the way this beautiful dictionary presents words through illustrations
and photographs. The words have been hand-picked especially to help young children describe
the world they see through their own eyes, and are always presented in context through fun,
young topics with engaging songs and chants.

The Activity Resource Book includes everything you need to teach your classes with the Longman Young Children's Picture Dictionary!
2 Photocopiable activity sheets per main topic provide a great solution to mixed ability classes! One sheet is for lower level learners and the other for higher level learners.

Photocopiable songs & chants action sheets, flashcards and a sample lesson plan give you everything thing you need to teach young learners with short attention spans and limited motor skills.

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