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ISBN: 9781292230382
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Introducing Human Resource Management, 8/e (e-Book VS 12m)

By Caroline Hook; Andrew Jenkins

Descripción: Introducing Human Resource Management is a lively and engaging introduction to the key topics and issues surrounding people management. Clearly linking HR theory to the work environment, this book explores core areas such as HR strategy and planning, employee engagement, diversity and equality, and talent management and development. The text combines solid academic underpinning with practical examples to allow you to consolidate your learning and apply it in practice.

1 Introducing human resource management
2 The employment relationship
3 The fundamentals of employment law
4 Diversity and equality
5 Human resource strategy and planning
6 Recruitment and selection
7 Managing performance
8 Learning, training and talent development
9 Pay and reward systems
10 Health, safety and wellbeing
11 International human resource management
12 Discipline and grievance
13 Dismissal, redundancy and outplacement  

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