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ISBN: 9781447907176
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Gold First NE Exam Maximiser w/ online audio (no key) (with 2015 exam specifications)

By Jan Bell/ Sally Burgess/ Lynda Edwards/ Jon Naunton/ Jacky Newbrook/Amanda Thomas/ Clare Walsh/ Lindsay Warwick and Judith Wilson

Descripción: With Gold students develop natural English while learning the skills they?ll need to really excel in their exam. The new editions of Gold Preliminary Gold Pre-First Gold First and Gold Advanced retain all the winning features of this best-selling series with 100% new material and a faster-paced syllabus. New fast-paced course for secondary students interested in taking a Cambridge for Schools Exam. DVD with authentic TV clips and cool video podcasts made by teens themselves all based on the lesson topics. Units centred on a variety of interesting age-appropriate topics such as the internet and social media television magazines as well as engaging CLIL topics. MyEnglishLab for Gold Experience provides online grammar vocabulary and skills practiceaudio and video support all with instant feedback and automatic grading.

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