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Essential Mathematics for Economic Analysis eBook VS-12 months

By Knut Sydsaeter

Descripción: Acquire the key mathematical skills you need to master and succeed in economics Essential Mathematics for Economic Analysis 6th edition by Sydsaeter Hammond Strom and Carvajal is a global best-selling text that provides an extensive introduction to all the mathematical tools you need to study economics at intermediate level. This book has been applauded for its scope and covers a broad range of mathematical knowledge techniques and tools progressing from elementary calculus to more advanced topics. With a wealth of practice examples questions and solutions integrated throughout as well as opportunities to apply them in specific economic situations this book will help you develop key mathematical skills as your course progresses.

1 Essentials of Logic and Set Theory 2 Algebra 3 Solving Equations 4 Functions of One Variable 5 Properties of Functions 6 Differentiation 7 Derivatives in Use 8 Concave and Convex Functions 9 Optimization 10 Integration 11 Topics in Finance and Dynamics 12 Matrix Algebra 13 Determinants Inverses and Quadratic Forms 14 Functions of Many Variables 15 Partial Derivatives in Use 16 Multiple Integrals 17 Unconstrained Optimization 18 Equality Constraints 19 Linear Programming 20 Nonlinear Programming Appendix

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