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ISBN: 9781292036656
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Enterprise Systems for Management: Pearson New International Edition, 2e (e-Book VS 12m)

By Luvai Motiwalla

Descripción: For undergraduate and MBA-level Enterprise Systems courses.

An approach to understanding and implementing ERP systems for success in today’s organizations.

Motiwalla teaches students the components of an ERP system, and the process of implementing ERP systems within a corporation to increase the overall success of the organization. This text also places major importance on the strategic role of ERP systems in providing a platform for improved business operations and productivity.

The second edition reflects the nature of today’s enterprise systems.

Chapter 1: Introduction to Enterprise Systems for Management   
Chapter 2: Systems Integration  
Chapter 3: Enterprise Systems Architecture  
Chapter 4: Development Life Cycle
Chapter 5: Implementation Strategies   
Chapter 6: Software and Vendor Selection   
Chapter 7: Operations and Post-implementation   
Chapter 8: Program and Project Management
Chapter 9: Global, Ethics, and Security Management  
Chapter 10: Supply Chain Management
Chapter 11: Customer Relationship Management