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ISBN: 9781292269269
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Consumer Behavior, Global Edition, 12e (e-Book VS 12m)

By Leon G. Schiffman

Descripción: Strategic applications for understanding consumer behavior

Consumer Behavior, 12th Edition explores how the examination and application of consumer behavior is central to the planning, development, and implementation of successful marketing strategies. With an emphasis on developing a variety of useful skills, this text prepares students for careers in brand management, advertising, and consumer research. The 12th Edition has been significantly updated to address contemporary trends and issues, including the role of new media, technological advances, and recent ethical concerns affecting the industry.

I. Consumers, Marketers, and Technology
1. Technology-Driven Consumer Behavior
2. Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning

II. The Consumer as an Individual
3. Consumer Motivation and Personality
4. Consumer Perception
5. Consumer Learning
6. Consumer Attitude Formation and Change

III. Communication and Consumer Behavior
7. Persuading Consumers
8. From Print and Broadcast Advertising to Social and Mobile Media
9. Reference Groups and Word-of-Mouth

IV. Consumers in their Social and Cultural Settings
10. The Family and Its Social Standing
11. Culture’s Influence on Consumer Behavior
12. Subcultures and Consumer Behavior
13. Cross-Cultural Consumer Behavior: An International Perspective

V. Consumer Decision-Making, Marketing Ethics, and Consumer Research
14. Consumer Decision-Making and Diffusion of Innovations
15. Marketing Ethics and Social Responsibility
16. Consumer Research