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ISBN: 9781292191713
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Mathematics for Economics and Business eBook VS-12 months

By Ian Jacques

Descripción: An essential resource for anyone studying mathematics as part of their economics management or business course. Mathematics for Economics and Business assumes very little prior knowledge of maths starting with the basics and gradually building up to more advanced topics making is suitable for use on both low- and high-level quantitative methods courses. Now in its ninth edition the book has added even more examples and practice questions encouraging students to tackle problems for themselves as they read through each section. Worked examples clearly illustrate the link between maths and the business world and more challenging questions for those with advanced mathematical knowledge are included in starred sections. Detailed solutions to all questions are provided so that students can check their own progress making it an ideal text for self-study.

1. Linear Equations 2. Non-Linear Equations 3. Mathematics of Finance 4. Differentiation 5. Partial Differentiation 6. Integration 7. Matrices 8. Linear Programming 9. Dynamics

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