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Poptropica English Islands Level 1 Pupil's eBook Premium

By Susannah Malpas / Sagrario Salaberri / Magdalena Custodio / Óscar Ruiz Maroto


Makes learning English an unforgettable adventure!

Poptropica English Islands is a 6-level course for Primary pupils which combines a solid ELT methodology with a dynamic, child-centered Online World. Based on the existing and proven methodology of Islands but updated with new characters, stories and content.

• Engaging content
Poptropica English Islands makes learning English an exciting experience through stories, adventures and quests to keep children motivated and engaged.

• Proven pedagogy
With tried and tested ‘Presentation, Practice, Production’ as well as additional ‘Personalization and Phonics’, its pedagogical format is easy to teach and gets good results. It provides a solid range of teaching tools and step by step lesson plans for carrying out all activities.

• Assessment for learning
Poptropica English Islands includes elements of Assessment for Learning techniques, which help to enhance learning by supporting pupils in understanding what they know and what they need to do next, empowering them to move themselves forward and making them active in their own learning, as well as helping teachers understand where their pupils are and make decisions about how to help them to improve.

• What’s new
New characters and stories closely linked to the Online World. New content, new projects and new cultural lessons centered on English-speaking countries. A smoother progression of the reading and writing syllabus.

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