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ISBN: 9781405885775
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Look! 2 Test Book

By Rod Fricker

Descripción: Look is a clear and flexible for all levels of ability and holds the interest of the students through content and topic that your students see on a day to day basis Students make learning look effortless with this fun, visual approach to language learning. Taking students from starter to intermediate level, Look offers enjoyable and easy-to-follow lessons designed to engage learners right from the start. •Visual – A team of delightful ‘Graphic Grammar’ characters shows how grammar and vocabulary work making lessons fun and memorable. •Clear – The course is stronger and clearer because it is simple. The straight forward lessons. spark interest and engage learners right from the start. •Flexible – Accommodates the needs of classes with different levels of ability and interests. •Varied – culture, songs, projects and revision all feature regularly.


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