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ISBN: 9781447907312
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Gold Preliminary Active Teach

By "Jan Bell, Amanda Thomas, Jacky Newbrook, Sally Burgess, Jon Naunton, Lynda Edwards, Helen Chilton, Judy Wilson, Nick Kenny"

Descripción: With Gold Preliminary, students develop natural English while learning the skills they’ll need to
really excel in their exam. The new edition of Gold Preliminary retain all the winning features of this best-selling series, with 100% new material and a faster-paced syllabus.

As well as the exam preparation and appealing texts that users have come to expect, Gold now gives your students even more vocabulary input, help with
chunks of language and lots of speaking practice. Extensive writing sections include model answers and provide support for students of all abilities.

Gold Preliminary Active Teach contains everything a teacher will need for the course in the classroom. It can be used with a computer and a projector or with an interactive whiteboard. It includes:

• All the audio and video from the book
• All the pages with a ‘zoom in’ and ‘zoom out’ feature
• Fully functional IWB tools
• The ability to save all your notes alongside the relevant
page of the Student’s Book
• Extra resources including review games and activities

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