Pearson Teacher Training Morning: Exploring the road to success Vila do Conde Portugal


If you’re a teacher looking for inspiration, ideas for class, or the latest trends, you’ll find it all here in a relaxed, professional atmosphere.

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Tuesday, 9th of April
Salão Nobre do Centro Municipal de Juventude 
Av. Júlio Graça nº 558 
4480-672 Vila do Conde


09:30 • 10:00 Registration
10:00 • 11:00 Making all the right noises: developing speaking skills. Michael Brand
11:00 • 11:20 Apresentação de novidades ELT 2019. Paulo Borges 
11:20 • 11:50 Coffee
11:50 • 13:00 Let’s have some fun: the games extravaganza. Michael Brand 

Making all the right noises: developing speaking skills

What does it mean to be a good speaker of English? What skills will our students need to become proficient speakers of English, thriving in exams and in the wider world? In this session we'll examine how students' speaking ability is assessed in external exams and try out a range of fun, original activities that develop the skills they need to succeed at speaking.

Let’s have some fun: the games extravaganza

Effective learning is linked to positive emotional experiences. Much of the best learning takes place when pupils don’t realize they are ‘working’. Both co-operation and competition can be effective. These are just some of the reasons why games have long been a must in the young learner classroom. In this session we will consider the characteristics of effective games and propose (and try!) some of the best games to use with young learners, from tried and tested favourites to newer offerings.

Michael 2

Michael Brand 
Michael Brand is a Teacher Trainer for Pearson. A passionate linguist, he studied French and German at Durham University, followed by a PGCE in Modern Languages. Having taught in England and Spain, he has experience in the public, private and state-assisted sectors and has taught young learners and teens. He now spends his time training teachers on all things ELT and his interests include collaborative learning and the creative use of video.

Apresentação de novidades ELT 2019