Pearson & Anaya Training Event for English Teachers in Santiago

Wednesday,13th February 2019

Santiago de Compostela



Wednesday, 13th February 2019
San Clemente, 3

17:30 – 18:00 Registration
18:00 – 19:30 Connecting with the video generation. Brian Engquist


Connecting with the video generation.
For entertainment, interacting with friends, or just trying to make sense of the world, the medium of choice for today’s teens is video. The implications for our classes are clear: If we want to engage with them and help them learn more effectively, video is a vital ingredient. But which videos should we choose? How can we best present them in our classes to make them both fun and educational? And what tools are available to get our students to actively produce their own videos? In this session we will provide practical activities to deal with these and other questions.



Brian Engquist has devoted nearly three decades to teaching English and training other teachers. He hopes to share his experiences and learn from others in the ELT community in an effort to improve the quality of teaching and enhance the joy of learning. He is Teacher Training Department manager for Pearson in Spain and Portugal.



Please, confirm attendance at this event to your ELT Consultant Otilia Villa otilia.villa@pearson.com or by Phone on: 981171641 Anaya Galicia