Thursday, 19th April

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If you’re a teacher looking for inspiration, ideas for class, or the latest trends, you’ll find it all here in a relaxed, professional atmosphere.


17:30 – 18:00 Registration
18:00 – 18:45 Raising our game at Primary: making learning fun. Michael Brand
18:45 – 19:45 Brilliant ideas and Learning Adventures! A look at new primary courses for English and CLIL! José Álvarez
19:45 – 20:20 Cocktail            



Raising our game at Primary: making learning fun.

In schools there has been a tendency to see ‘fun and games’ as an extra to the ‘real work’ that goes on in a lesson. However, fun and work are not incompatible, and if we use games appropriately learning and enjoyment will go hand in hand. Kids learn by doing and games are the perfect way to make this happen. This session will look at what games, gamification and game-based learning can bring to the table and provide a wealth of examples to use with your pupils.

Michael Brand is a Teacher Trainer for Pearson. A passionate linguist, he studied French and German at Durham University, followed by a PGCE in Modern Languages. Having taught in England and Spain, he has experience in the public, private and state-assisted sectors and has taught young learners and teens. He now spends his time training teachers on all things ELT and his interests include collaborative learning and the creative use of video.

Brilliant ideas and Learning Adventures! A look at new primary courses for English and CLIL!

Briliant ideas for inquiring minds is a new inquiry-based methodology based on active learning! Pupils will build on previous knowledge, practice critical thinking skills, develop key competences and participate in cooperative learning activities.

Poptropica English Islands is a semi-intensive course developed to engage, motivate and involve young learners of English. It combines a solid ELT methodology including exciting stories, adventures and quests with a dynamic, pupil-centered Online World. 



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